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The Bent River Machine Line of Panel Laminators

Solar & Panel Laminator Market

There are many different types of laminators in the market. Most are high volume production laminators designed to automatically produce many panels per hour and typically come with a multimillion-dollar price tag. These laminators have an automated load and unload handing system used on manufacturing lines to optimize throughput.

Most small manufacturers or research organizations find the cost of production laminators beyond their budget and the question comes up, ‘where can I get my hands on a laminator intended for development and short-run manufacturing?’

This is why we offer the Bent River line of Solar Panel Laminators.

Bent River Machine Panel Laminators

The Bent River line of panel laminators are completely customizable in size or can ship off-the-shelf in three sizes – from our smallest 28’ x 28” panel size laminator up to our largest that will process 50” x 80” panels.

Solar Panel Laminator Control Panel

Every laminator has a computerized control system that is designed to allow research and development teams to experiment with different processes. With very precise control of all of the process parameters, customers can execute experimentation and process qualification.

Want to run your custom recipe in a manufacturing setting? The system can be operated in production mode where it will run the same production recipe over and over again with operators.

Lifting Pin System

Solar Panel Laminator Lifting Pins

However, the feature we have that is unique to some laminators is, all Bent River Laminators operate with a lifting pin system. Our lifting pin laminators have an array of pins that raise up out of the heated lower platen.  These pins hold the panel away from the heated platen to allow the system to achieve a good vacuum and remove all the air from the panel.  When all the air is removed from the process chamber, the pins are lowered bringing the panel in contact with the heated lower platen. This raises the panel temperature causing the EVA, or other hot melt layers, to bond the panel layer together.

Panel Experimentation

Our laminators are also used for flat panel development and design. The popularity of PV solar panels is increasing due to product manufacturers researching and producing thin-film technology-based consumer goods. Think touch-screens, cell phones, tablet computers, vehicle displays and even home appliances.

Typically thin-film panels, especially some of the more exotic depositions, require a glass front/glass back (instead of a standard glass/plastic or plastic/plastic lamination) format to increase resistance to moisture, corrosion and electrical leakage.

If you are experimenting with or develop flat panels or touch panels, one of the Bent River laminators could be the answer to your needs.
Solar Panel Laminator Touchscreens

Test-Drive a Bent River Laminator

As a research company or organization, we understand purchasing a laminator without a proper ‘test-drive’ could cause anxiety. Because of this, we offer to laminate samples to prove out the process and provide test lamination samples for evaluation. If you are seriously considering investing in a Solar Panel Laminator, Bent River will be happy perform a few complimentary laminations before you make the purchase. Contact us to make arrangements.

Just need a few samples laminated? Let our engineers do the work for you. Contact us about hourly lamination rates.

 bentriver_spl2828pin  bentriver_spl2860pin  bentriver_spl5080pin
Model SPL2828 PIN
28 by 28
Model SPL2860 PIN
28 by 60
Model SPL5080 PIN
50 by 80