The SPL5080 PIN Solar Panel Laminator

The SPL5080 PIN is a lifting pin laminator and is designed as the optimum laminator for development. The lifting pins allow panel lamination without air bubbles and rapid cycle times. The operator has control over the pin/heat cycle, the vacuum cycle, temperature, and duration. This laminator allows you to develop the optimum process for your specific panel characteristics.

The largest panel size is 50 inches by 80 inches. The cost effective Solar Panel Laminator becomes even more impressive because it allows you to develop your process without interrupting your production line. Precise process control coupled with the economical value of this laminator makes it a great solution for low to medium volume production or development environments.


Features of the SPL5080 PIN

  • Input 230v-240v 3 phase VAC
  • 50 amps
  • Maximum process temperature: 185° C
  • Panels up to 50 inches X 80 inches
  • 80 psi compressed air
  • 6 inch exhaust outlet that is used to vent heat and fumes out of the room
  • Width: 98.5 inches, Depth: 64.5 inches, Height (lid open): 91.7 inches
  • Weight: 2855 lbs
  • Vacuum: 1 atmosphere within 2 minutes