The SPL2828 PIN Solar Panel Laminator

R&D and Manual Production Photovoltaic Module Laminators

Bent River Machine Inc. has developed a new pin solar panel laminator for your PV research and small panel production. Our SPL series offers consistent results with programmable routines and variable cycle, temperature, and vacuum options for processing panels that fit in a 28? square envelope. Process parameters developed on the SPL can be transferred to production. This new laminator features a welded frame and solid structure, robust industrial controls, manual loading, lifting pins, and less than one Torr vacuum to remove all air pockets. Energy efficient and compact size allows it to fit in your laboratory or development area to prove out newly designed products.



Features of the SPL2828 PIN

  • Input 208-240VAC  single phase 30 amps
  • Maximum process temperature: 185° C
  • Panels up to 28 inches x 28 inches
  • 80 psi compressed air
  • 4 inch exhaust outlet used to vent heat and fumes from room
  • Width 41.4 inches, Depth: 41.1 inches, Height (lid open): 62 inches
  • Vacuum: 1 atmosphere within 2 minutes