Automation Solutions

At Bent River Machine, we help companies change their processes to become more efficient through appropriately applied automation. So, we’ll go into a company that is having challenges with meeting production capacity, constraint, or cost constraint and help them automate processes in the way that will help them meet their requirements. We design, build, test, deliver, install factory automation for companies in several different markets to help manufacturers become more efficient.

Solar Laminators

Bent River Machine produces a custom line of photovoltaic, flat panel laminators, low flow pumps, conveyors, handlers, valves, and pick and place systems. We work at being a valued part of our customer’s team, through current Bent River designs and also custom automation design. We strive to be much more than simply a print-to-part machine shop, we are here to help your business expand and grow by leveraging the power of automation.

Client Testimonials

During the past ten plus years I have had the pleasure of doing a lot of projects with Bent River Machine. These projects ranged from simple to major dollar tooling projects and included design and fabrication (turnkey) tooling. Their turnaround from quotes to a quality finished product is excellent. Bent River’s personnel are very knowledgeable and friendly.

James M. Lyon